4 Walking Street Destination in Jakarta for Art Lovers

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According previous articles about walking street, in Indonesia there are many kinds that sell antiques, arts, accessories, food and mix everything, this is a place in Jakarta to enjoy the walking street:

1. Jalan Pintu Besar Selatan

This place is on Gajah Mada road, street artists and caricature makers gather here. For art lovers this is heaven for you. Everywhere that is associated with art always has a unique side because it is made artistic and original. Experience artists will not disappoint you, Do not forget the photos here to documentation your trip let it not be forgotten that can be seen at any time as a reminder you will come back here again.

2.Jalan Surabaya

Do you like artefacts, antiques, souvenirs and art? Then go to Jalan Surabaya Flea Market in Menteng, which is an elite area in Central Jakarta. Line up with some art kiosks and antique shops among many others, on Jalan Surabaya your eyes will be spoiled for decoration and knickknacks here there are replicas of your favorite branded items. Book lovers can also hunt to discovery of rare literary books here. Goods prices here are still negotiable, so do not hesitate to negotiate the price with the merchant.

3.Pasar Seni Ancol

Located inside Ancol means you have to pay for the entry money first, suitable for which by chance there is an event or business there. This place is for the lovers and connoisseurs of arts and crafts. Because of the many sculptors, artisans of dolls, wood carvers, painters and various other art craftsmen. The average there is already the goods, if by chance you see the process of making it will be your insight who knows you can know how to make and try it at home.

4.Kota Tua – Fatahillah

This place is a favorite destination of the citizens of Jakarta and outside the region, here is very thick history and culture of Batavia or the name of Jakarta in ancient times. Fatahillah Park in the past is a residential plaza of Dutch citizens in Old Jakarta or Batavia hence called Kota Tua. The architecture is typical European colonial nuances, not only that destinations that can be visited there are Bank Indonesia Museum, Jakarta History Museum, Museum of Fine Arts and ceramics and Puppet Museum.

While in Fatahillah Park area you will not starve because there are many street vendors and cafes around there. For souvenirs there are also many t-shirts, bracelets, necklaces and others because it is sold by many merchants around there. If you are tired of walking, you can rent a bike onthel or classic, complete with accessories such as hats of the past to be more viscous nuance vintage. If you are lucky in the weekend often held art festivals and music events here.

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Regista Arrizky

Regista Arrizky

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