5 Shopping Places in Jakarta from the Cheapest to the Most Expensive

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If you are traveling in Jakarta and want to buy gifts for your loved ones, family, friends and friends then this list can help you in finding those destinations:

1.Central Park Mall

Mall is located on Jalan S Parman Kav 28, West Jakarta can be reached from CITI M HOTEL Tanah Abang with a time 22 minutes drive. The building was built by Agung Podomoro Land from the year and inaugurated in 2009. It has a very interesting concept of having a park in the middle of a mall named Tribeca Park.

These malls include Premiums because the merchants who rent places there have a high branded value such as Armani, Uniqlo, Giordano, Wakai, TopMan, etc. The food sold there is the same as other high class malls like Zenbu, The Duck King, Sushi Tei, Kitchenette, etc.

In certain events usually Central Park Mall MidNight Sale held so the goods are branded it is discounted very cheap, so not too drain your pocket, and park outside the mall many skaters and BMX bikers get around there.

2. Plaza Indonesia

Located on M.H. Thamrin Road, Kav 28-30 Central Jakarta, Just 21 minutes’ drive from CITI M HOTEL Tanah Abang. Inaugurated in 1990, this mall belongs to the Premium class because the trademarks are Dior, Marc Jacobs, Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Cartier, Christian Louboutin, etc. Of the brands that are sold just already seen that the high end market customer, the famous designers Indonesia also sell clothes and accessories on the Mall.

Plaza Indonesia is often used as major national events such as Music Stage, Premier Film, Photography Exhibition and others.

3.Grand Indonesia

Located on Jalan M.H. Thamrin no. 1, only 16 minutes from CITI M HOTEL Tanah Abang because it is still in Central Jakarta area. Inaugurated in 2009 by President SBY, after the previous year in 2007 restored. According to the well-known forbes magazine, Grand Indonesia is included in “Top 5 Shopping Mall in Jakarta”, has 2 sides namely East Mall and West Mall are both connected by Sky Bridge, the total area of this mall is 263,226 m2.

The brands in this Mall are mainly Seibu DepStore and then Central, CGV, Cotton On, H & M, Gramedia, Forever21, MUJI. Other premium brands are Nike, Adidas, Uniqlo, Zara, Oakley, Bebe, GAP, Mothercare, Levi’s, etc.

4.Kawasan Mangga Dua

Located on Mangga Dua Raya Road, many lined the Mall and other shopping centers with low prices, affordable with good quality. Just 20 minutes drive from CITI M HOTEL Tanah Abang, besides Tanah Abang, Mangga 2 is the target area for shoppers.

Mall there is Orion Mall Mangga Dua, Mangga Dua Mall, Harcomas Mangga Dua, ITC Mangga Dua, Mangga Dua Morning Market. This building is connected by a bridge connecting, making it easier for buyers because the area is enough to make sweat because of the least trees there, and close to the sea so the weather carried by sea breeze. So Bridge bridge is very helpful at all in shopping, with many choices, you must be smart considering shopping in which store, so easy to buy again in the same store.

5.Blok M Square

Located on Melawai Road number V Kebayoran Baru, from CITI M HOTEL Tanah Abang is a 30-minute drive away. The items that can be obtained here that the price is quite affordable is Shoes, Clothes and Bags. Many also come here because they want to culinary tour because of street vendors with good food selling a lot here.

For well-known food brands there are also A & W Restaurants, KFC, Hoka Hoka Bento, Es Teler 77, Solaria, GOKANA, D’cost, etc. At dawn the market of wet cakes and vegetables is quite crowded and already famous for long time ago around Blok M.

With the many shopping places around CITI M HOTEL Tanah Abang, just make the location of this hotel is very strategic. And after tired of shopping, you can Foot Massage at CITI M HOTEL Tanah Abang, so do not hesitate to immediately book here.

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Regista Arrizky

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