Business Purpose in Jakarta, Make it Easy With Citi M Hotel

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Business Purpose in Jakarta

Business Purpose in Jakarta

With facilities like this, Citi M Hotel Gambir is the only hotel with a vulnerable price of 400k-600k with facilities that surpassed expectations. In fact our hotel gets over more than 2000 reviews from all third-parties and they say Citi M Hotel was Very Good and highly recommended.

Take advantage of the free gym & fitness facilities

In early 2017, Citi M Hotel Gambir provides new facilities for visitors. This facility we provide for free to provide fitness for you who are very busy and do not have time to exercise. In the morning before breakfast, you can take time for a short exercise with this facility. Located on the 7th floor, makes our gym very good and has a city background. Feel the sport and morning spirit at our hotel.

Free breakfast as much

After you exercise, time for breakfast with your family or partner. We are very proud that we have been chosen to be the best in serving and delicacy of food from all hotels in Jakarta and Tangerang by Traveloka Awards – 2017. After 2016 without achievement finally in 2017 Citi M hotel get the award from traveloka. This award is very meaningful for all visitors certainly. Because the food we provide is one of the best in Jakarta. Every room reservation you do at Citi M Hotel then automatically you also get a breakfast package.

Use our free hotel shuttle service

We provide this free shuttle facility to assist your mobility in business or leisure travel. We have four free destinations: Pasar Baru, Tanah Abang Market, Gajah Mada Mall, and Gambir Train Staiun. To use this facility you can inquire to the front office hotel.

Get the best insight for your destination

We have a very sparkling and beautiful staff. We do not let you get confused with your holiday destination. Do not ever worry about this if you are at Citi M Hotel Gambir. If we are having a lot of work, you can directly ask one of our staff. If your question is answered unfavorably by them do not forget to report it to us. If you do not dare to give a review directly you can use the comment field of this page to submit a complaint. Social media and live chat can also be used to give your complaint.

Easy find your business location

Citi M Hotel in the heart of Jakarta. We are the most deat hotel with Monas, National Museum, Presidential Palace and many government offices in our location. Besides food, our location is one of the greatest attractions as well. It just takes walking less than 5 minutes to go to monas. You will be very happy to be in our hotel.



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