Extra Hotel Room For 3 or 4 Peoples in Jakarta And Include Breakfast

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Citi M Hotel Gambir - Family Room For 3 or 4 Peoples & Include Breakfast

Citi M Hotel Gambir – Family Room For 3 or 4 Peoples & Include Breakfast

Welcome to Jakarta and have fun with your family. Whatever the activity if with the family everything will feel good. Have you found a hotel room for your family in Jakarta? The most frequent problem is most hotels will charge the same price for each person staying. Most hotels only provide a room for 2 people. If you come with family maybe maximum for only 3 people. For this room type you have to book an extra room or Family Room. But the drawback is your child will not get breakfast, so you have to share food with your child.

What next if your family is 4 people? And will the hotel give breakfast to your entire family? Generally hotels in Jakarta already have rules and you will be charged for everyone staying in hotels with age more than 6 years. With these conditions usually the hotel will suggest other rooms for your children. So you should pack 2 medium / standard / superior / deluxe rooms. It is definitely a budget that you spend will be 2 times more than before.

Tips from us is you have to find hotel which provide family room for special condition. For example if you come with your family of 3 to 4 people. Even note also whether they provide rooms that already include breakfast.

Only a few hotels in Jakarta provide these conditions. In fact you will not find a hotel like this through booking such as,, or other online travel agency (OTA). Only a few OTAs provide this case. One OTA capable of providing this option is You can select the room + the total of people who will stay. For example hotel location: Gambir and total: 3 people. Through this filter will recommend all hotel rooms that allow you stay for 3 people. But if 4 people, even also will not show the room you need. If any hotel suggested is also a 5 star hotel and it is definitely very expensive.

The high demand for rooms with conditions like this, in 2017 CITI M HOTEL GAMBIR presents new services for special needs for your family. We present extra room service exclusively for family type. The number of people we provide is also 3 to 4 people. This family room type (FAMILY ROOM) includes breakfast for every person staying.

We recommend you to place a reservation directly from our website, But this extra family type room is also available via OTA at But the reserved room type booking is from FAMILY ROOM for 3 people. Next make a note through the provided information columns explaining that you will be coming with your 4 Children.

Family type room reservations for 3 or 4 people are available since this article was published. So please make a reservation at right now. We look forward to your arrival in Jakarta 😀

Especially for reservations July and August 2017,

we provide discounts up to 70%. This discount is only valid for bookings from website. Not applicable for bookings via any OTA. Please make reservations yes, see you in Jakarta yes: D



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