Walking Street Destination in Jakarta for Low Budget Tourist

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Walking Street Around Jakarta that you must Visit

Traveling anywhere if have the minimal budget would prefer to walk around in a hotel area, overseas for example, is Walking Street Pattaya, Grand Bazaar Istanbul, Camden in England. Jakarta also did not want to lose competitiveness, a lot of walking street which is already there from the first, and always be the attraction of local and foreign tourists. Walking street there are usually restaurants, markets along the way, food vendors, accessories, live music, bars and hotels in the area.

Here are the places Walking Street in Jakarta which became the destination of local and foreign tourists, some places there are already crowded from the morning and there is a start opening during the afternoon until early morning:

1.Jalan Sabang

This is a legendary Walking Street because it has been there since decades, many culinary places that survive until now and shops that sell long lasting products. This can be enjoyed and visited on Jalan Sabang; Sabang Ice Cream Shop, a supermarket that sells all kinds of Khong Guan products, Babe Hat Shop (here the hat can be borrowed for selfie too), there is also an old cake shop named Sakura Anpan, there is a famous Sound Ambassador CD / CD store in the 90s, not far from Jalan Sabang there is Fried Rice Goat Kebon Sirih which is also legendaries because legendary because it has tens of years of selling there.

2.Jalan Jaksa

This place is very close to Jalan Sabang, this is a favorite tourist destination of foreign tourists of old times until ever called “Little Bali”. Why be a favorite, because many cheap places to stay, Hostel name is lodging for tourists who have a low budget, currently survive as many as 14 hostels only. Where is place you can be visited on Jalan Jaksa Walking Street; there is Melly’s Garden Bar & Resto, Papas CafĂ©, Coffee Shop, and can also to Nasi goreng in kebon sirih because it is very close distance.

3.Pasar Baru

Pasar Baru is managed by a company called Pasar Jaya, the market was established since 1820, and is included in the oldest market in Indonesia. This place is even known as ‘Little India’ due to its wide selection of affordable and quality textiles and fabrics as well as antiques, art paintings, clothing, footwear, handbags, watches, musical instruments and Indian spices. There are also shoe repair places, taverns, food stalls that are not too much, although quite narrow but this place is often a destination for local and foreign tourists.

4.Glodok – Petak 9

Jakarta also has Chinatown, located in West Jakarta, on Jalan Glodok and Petak 9. The places that can be visited is the Dharma Bhakti Vihara Complex, this place has been around for more than hundreds of years. Then there is the Chinatown Market, an anti-mainstream market for selling different ingredients from other markets such as mushrooms, spices, roots, herbal ingredients and so on. The language used is Mandarin.

There is a famous Drug Store there is the Karti Djaja Hok Seng Tong 34 Drug Store which sells tablets, pill concoctions, capsules, ginseng and traditional medicine. After a tired walk, stop for a while to the Gang Gloria, there are many culinary sold like Soto Betawi ‘A Fung’, Ice Coffee Tak Kie, Rujak Juhi with legendary squid slices, for the Muslim please be careful because the food is dominated which is not halal, so ask first before ordering food.

Actually still quite a lot of walking street that can be explored, we will continue in the second part in next article.

Regista Arrizky

Regista Arrizky

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