We have the best potential to helping your business in Jakarta

By September 27, 2016 2 Comments

As the hotel is located in the Center of Jakarta, we have the best potential in helping your business in Jakarta. Hotel is where it should be comfortable and have ease of access, then here is what you definitely get if join us.

We offer not just simple thing, we also constantly improve the service with a variety of training that we did independently. From the case of food, every morning we would choose the most fresh ingredients for cooking. So today stuff is just for today. So the food that we serve is always fresh and tasty.

Focus on service and maintaining that have very low price, we hope you will have a higher quality experience for running activities in Jakarta. Whatever your activities we will help provide the information needed. Especially if you are going to travel tourism, our location is the best. Enjoy your trip in Jakarta.

Mr. Suman Kumar at Citi M Hotel Jakarta

One of our customers named Suman Kumar, has been staying for 1 month for a business trip in Jakarta. At an affordable price, the most strategic location, satisfactory service, outstanding food is the reason Mr. Suman Kumar stay at Citi M Hotel so far.




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