What You Got With IDR 500.000 From Our Hotel

By September 26, 2016 2 Comments

For your family were find a place to rest, Citi M Hotel is strongly recommended for everything activities arround Central of Jakarta. So what exackly you got with IDR 500.000 from our hotel ?

You will got free breakfast, free shuttle to Tanah Abang Market & Gambir Station, the best service, guiding for your trips, wedding space, meeting space, kings cafe & restourant, extra time for check-out, shuttle service from our hottle, cheapest price for same hotel class arround National Monument or Monas, free wifi, and best strategic of tourist attraction.

We have experience from Malaysia, Singapore, China, and some of the biggest city in Indonesia for reviews and create new bussiness hotel in Central of Jakarta. We try to understanding you and giving more than just a room. Our location is just 10 menitues to National Monument with walk, and yes if Monas is a good place to start your trips for all location in Jakarta.

Today 26 September 2016 our hotel is ranking #38 from more than #400 hotels in Jakarta and arround. Or we are number #1 for hotel that have a price before IDR 1.000.000; Citi M Hotel is the one of cheapest hotel include on top #50.

And yes if you can found our hotel in all third party like Booking, Traveloka, TripAdvisor and more; but some of promotion is not available for booking with third party. All promotion is just available for booking from our website.

More information just use our live chat, you can ask everithing even your trips in Jakarta. We love to help you and our services is number #1 of all hotel with cheapest price.




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