Where is The Best Place or Hotel to Stay in Jakarta

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Bundaran Hotel Indonesia - Jakarta

Bundaran Hotel Indonesia – Jakarta

Thinking of going to Jakarta for your next holiday? I know, if you don’t know anything about this place yet. Don’t worry, we can tell you the best tourist attraction, shopping markets, museum, beach, and hotel to stay in. You’re a couple from Australia / Malaysia / China / Korea / Netherland / Italy or anywhere?

Jakarta is NOT tourist destination at all?

First time you need to know more about Jakarta. “Jakarta is not a touristy destination at all. The city has lot of problems. Only a few thing to boast about – decent shopping malls and night clubs. All the rest is a completer disaster from hygiene, health, cleanness issue to lack of public transport, things to do and other aspect of tourism.”

Yes you are absolutely right, but there was about a few year ago. Problem is about task, this city has so many smarts people that fixed all the problem. I know there is not at all, but they try to work every single day to make Jakarta great.

Jakarta is One of The Biggest City in Asia

Jakarta is not only a business purpose now, but tourism as well. Today Jakarta be come one of the biggest city in Southeast Asia and even Asia. Jakarta has all transport with good quality. The Jakarta government has given jobs to tens of thousands of people to clean up the road and river. Jakarta is getting healthier and cleaner today.

All the star hotels and world class have been built in Jakarta. This is because of the business potential and better. Tourism became one of the concentrations of the Jakarta government. Even the government has given free bus facilities to tourists from local and international.

Many Tourist Attraction in Jakarta

The National Museum or Monas has been very beautifully built and became the most popular tourist attraction in 2015, 2016 and 2017 from all tourist destinations in Indonesia. The museum is a special attraction in Jakarta. Jakarta has more than 10 major museums located in the heart of the city. This makes it easier for tourists to find the museum destination.



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