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Get Around Jakarta Only Spend “$10”

Around Jakarta With $10

Around Jakarta With $10

Welcome to Jakarta. The most favorite touraist attraction in Jakarta is National Monument (in Indonesia we call MONAS). Monas located in Central of Jakarta.

Even within 1 km from the Monas you will find a lot of interesting places in the city. Such as shopping center, historical attractions, the location of the government and the traditional market.

Monas and National Museum

So you must stay at hotel that near from Monas. WHY ?? Because around Monas the are so many palce that you must visit like in front of Monas you can see National Museum of Indonesia (in Indonesia we call Museum Gajah or Elepant Museum).

Gambir Station

Even is other side of Monas you also can find Gambir Station. This is one the biggest station in Jakarta.

Wikipedia: “Gambir Station serves as a terminus for most intercity trains operating across Java Island. Two of Jakarta’s main commuter lines, the KRL Jabotabek Blue Line (to Bekasi) and Red Line (to Bogor) pass through this station, but do not stop here.”

Free Tourism Bus

In front of National Museum there is halte that we can wait for tourism busway and this is FREE. Truly free for everyone. With this busway we can around Jakarta for all tourist attraction in this city. Such as Precident Palace, Istiqlal Moquee, China Town (Glodok), Old Batavia (Kota Tua), Pasar baru, Kalijo, Tanah Abang, Pasar Senen and etc.

Until Now It’s Still Free

Well once you get around in many places in Jakarta, you are not spending money at all. Since you are using the free facilities provided by the city. Excellent, Jakarta city government has provided facilities like this. However it is still not widely known to most people, even though the local people.

Note: you can ask this tourism busway station to people in the national museum.

Pay For Eat

Then this time you probably will spend money, it is also needed. Is for food. Where to eat in Jakarta very complete and wherever there. Wants expensive or cheap it is to your taste. The average price of food at the roadside is IDR15,000 to IDR30,000 ($1-$2) already a plus drink.

When you are confused with your location now, we recommend to use the online booking service vehicles are like uber (in Indonesia you can use Gojek or Grab). Or please contact the hotel where you stay.

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