Maybe a lot of things you’ve done in Jakarta. Business with your friends, holiday with your family, shopping and buying lots of goods in Pasar Tanah Abang or just a transit for your trips around Java Island, including Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Malang.

Jakarta has always been a wonderful thing for everyone. As the capital of the country, Jakarta has all things. You will find the biggest market in this country namely Tanah Abang Market. You will also find amazing technology and transportation here. Museums and matters relating to history are also so much. Shopping mall that has a large capacity is also very much you find in Jakarta. Small to large hotels are also complete packed city.

Besides the common problems as big cities are also not spared from Jakarta, traffic jams, population density, hot weather, air pollution due to the construction of transportation (for now until 2018), and the river began to return dirty.

But you must remember the beautiful memories with your girlfriend in Jakarta. how hard you find your way in a strange city. You should also find transportation for both of you. You should also find the points of your destination during Jakarta. you also take her using a bus in Jakarta, of course this is very jostling.

But Monas is an amazing location? you will remember how beautiful Jakarta from which you can enjoy it’s beauty. You will remember how beautiful Jakarta from which you can enjoy its beauty. You will remember the wind and the shade of the trees. Ceramics and beautiful holiday periods when weekends with local people. The many people who visit Monas will make your holiday days feel more exciting.

Your girlfriend would be very happy and proud of you. For having invited her to travel around the world. Do interesting things with your girlfriend and determine the right schedule for it.

Next year is August 2018, Jakarta will become the biggest sports event center in Asia that is Asian Games. Don’t miss this moment, because all the interesting things you will see in Jakarta. The extraordinary attractions of professionals and athletes will be a spectacle that will not be forgotten by anyone.

Please note that you must choose the right place to stay in Jakarta. When big event takes place in this city, usually activity of Jakarta society will become busy and traffic jam everywhere. Transportation will also be a difficult thing you get comfortable, because of transport when the big event takes place gets very crowded with visitors both from the entire territory of Indonesia and foreign countries.

You have to make a list and agenda from now on. Because those who will visit have made preparations since a few month ago. We will give you the best tip to help you prepare big event that you will attend the Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta:

1. Your hotel should be close to the bus,

main transportation in Jakarta is bus (people in Jakarta call it: busway). By bus you can reach all areas in Jakarta. The cost is very cheap only with IDR 3,500, you can travel around Jakarta.

2. Find a hotel that is close to the train station,

rail is an alternative to transportation in Jakarta. If you have to go to a remote location and avoid the congestion you can use the train.

3. Find a hotel with a shuttle service,

few hotels have this facility. The consideration is that jakarta is stuck and will certainly spend a lot of time for this. You need to pay attention and ask directly to the hotel for this.

4. Make sure that the hotel has a 24-hour restaurant,

with a solid activity of course we do not want to spend a lot of time that things like this. If everything is already served in this hotel will make your life easier.

5. The hotel should be close to important tourist attraction,

one of the most popular tourist in Jakarta is Monas and National Museum Indonesia. Make sure you are close to this location. Because it will make your holiday cheaper and fun.

6. Make sure your hotel is close to the shopping area,

any person or dominant person would like to spend. To anticipate this, you should make sure your hotel is close to the shopping area. some popular shopping places in Jakarta are Tanah Abang Market, Pasar Baru, Grand Indonesia Mall, and Plaza Indonesia.

7. Make sure the hotel has a massage service,

certainly do not need to be mortified again. holiday activities are very draining. you will need a massage after the activity is done.

8. As an addition: your hotel has fitness facilities,

with a busy activity and a holiday that takes a lot of time you do not have time to exercise. with this cassette facility will keep your fitness well maintained.

Well, this is all we have designed carefully so this tip will help you when the holidays and preparing Asian Games event in Jakarta in 2018 later. Prepare yourself from now on for everything you can count. We will always help you while in Jakarta. Stay close to us so we always be your best friend. We provide the information you need for free and without any conditions. Leave comments if there are things you should ask.

We are waiting for your arrival in Jakarta. See you back here. We are waiting for more fun things with your family. We will miss you until you arrive in Jakarta. Please keep in touch with us so that all new things can be.

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