Hello traveller, how are you? Which are the cities that have you visited from last holiday?

Yes, Indonesia have many island that consist of provinces and cities. And every island having beautiful place with own characteristic. You will never getting bored when you come here.

And how about Jakarta? the capital of Indonesia. As a central of all activities in Indonesia, Jakarta is known as ‘never sleep city’ because the society always busy with their schedules all the time. And, of course in this city you can’t avoid a traffic jam.

But beside that, if you have many things to do in Jakarta, it still have so many interesting places to visit . Not only shopping mall but also popular tourist attraction such as museum, monument, park and etc.

Then, if you have any plans to Jakarta in 2018, so here the things to do in Jakarta in order to activity especially your holiday will be more fun, easy, and memorable.

Shopping at Mall or Popular Markets

Shopping Mall in Jakarta

When you come to Jakarta, it will not be complete if you are not yet surround the malls in Jakarta. You know that malls in Jakarta are very large and so much. Maybe you need a full day only for one mall. Even, one of them; Grand Indonesia Mall , it have a big aquarium indoor inside their buidling. For goods, commonly they sell the same type of product with a various brand.

Here the list of biggest shopping mall in Jakarta:

  1. Grand Indonesia *
  2. Plaza Indonesia *
  3. Central Park *
  4. Taman Anggrek Mall
  5. Neo Soho

    Central Park, Taman Anggrek Mall, and Neo Soho have same location and integrated with beautiful bridge. You should try this, and strongly recommended.

  6. Kuningan City Mall *
  7. Pondok Indah Mall
  8. Plaza Senayan *
  9. Pacific Place *
  10. Kemang Village / Lippo Mall Kemang *
  11. FX Sudirman
  12. Ratu Plaza
  13. Puri Indah Mall
  14. Mall Kelapa Gading
  15. Atrium Senen
  16. Epicentrum Walk

Not only mall, Jakarta also have many popular markets. For example Tanah Abang Textile Markets, who doesn’t know this place?.

As the biggest market in Southeast Asia, Tanah Abang always be a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourist. There, you will find a cheap product with high quality. Moreover if you buy something in large amounts, so the price will be cheaper than before. The other popular market is Pasar Baru that known as a central of shoes product.

Alternative for Tanah Abang, you should try Thamrin City Mall. Thamrin City was close to Grand Indonesia mall. Even you can come here by walk less than 5 minutes or 200 meters.

Get around Indonesia just a day in Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah - TMII)

TMII is the tourist attraction that showing variety culture of Indonesia. There you can see the miniature culture homes from all province in Indonesia. Even, in the middle of TMII you will find a lake with a miniature of the Indonesia Archipelago.

You use many transportation to come here. We will recommend you to use Bus (in Jakarta we call Bus Way). The cost only IDR 3.500 or less than $1.

Hang out in popular Cafe or Restaurant

Restaurant in Jakarta

If you want to be exist in social media, you can try this way. And usually, some celebrity like to visit this place. Take your family or friends to hang out in popular cafe although only just drinking coffee. The important that it must be instagram-able, right? 😆

So here the top 10 restaurant in Jakarta:

  1. Talaga Sampireun
  2. Uncle Mao’s
  3. Satoo at Sangri-La Hotel
  4. Shabu Hachi
  5. Fedwell
  6. Sate Taichan “Goreng”
  7. Flip Burger
  8. Gocha Gocha
  9. Onokabe
  10. Hause Rooftop

You can try another restaurant, so many place recommended to visit here. Just look at google with this keyword “restaurant in jakarta”.

Visit the icon place of Jakarta and other historical place

You are not in Jakarta if you never see National Monument with your own eyes. It’s a must things to do in Jakarta. National Monument not just a tourist attraction, it is one of Jakarta icon that built for respect and appreciate the struggle of Indonesia for independent.

You can also visit National Museum of Indonesia. This museum located is not far from National Monument. It still in one area.

Get a budget hotel to save your budgeting

Hotel Budget in Jakarta

We are really recommended this for you. It’s also the important things to do in Jakarta. If you stay in budget hotel, you can use the money for other needs. But, don’t forget about location and service from the hotel to make whatever your plans in Jakarta will be easier.

Choose the budget hotel in Central Jakarta is good, because it will easy for you to go to anywhere you want. And with a strategic location, it’s not hard for you to find transportation.

Beside of easy to get transportation, free shuttle car service from hotel is the best. Moreover, if that free shuttle can take you to some popular destination like Tanah Abang or National Monument of Indonesia.

24-hour services are needed. So, anytime you need something, their staff will serve you with a pleasure.

It will be fun if the hotel have a 24-hour restaurant too. We don’t know when we will get hungry,right? By this facility, you just need to contact restaurant from your room to order food or enjoy in restaurant.

Yes, that’s a several things to do in Jakarta if you have any plans to visit Jakarta in this year. Hopefully, your trip in Jakarta will be more fun and memorable.

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