There are so many place in Indonesia to be explored. One of them is Bandung. How many time you have visited Bandung for holiday? We are knowing that Bandung have so many popular tourist attraction. Which is almost every year there a new spot to visit.

If you live in Jakarta and surrounding areas, maybe Bandung is one of your favourite destination on weekend. But, how about for other tourist who are in Jakarta and have a plans to Bandung? Or the Jakarta people who are never go to Jakarta, but have plans to Bandung this year?

Then, are you still confused about what the best transportation for you trip to Bandung? Therefore before you go to Bandung, here we will share the travel tips from Jakarta to Bandung for you. Let’s Check This Out !!

Driving Own Vehicle

Travel using own vihicle from Jakarta to Bandung

Nowadays, the distance between Jakarta and Bandung is very close. Since 2005, Cipularang Toll Road can be used by everyone from Jakarta who wants to go to Bandung. Only about 2-3 hours drive you already arrived in Bandung. And you can arrive in Bandung city by Pasteur Toll Gate.

And the plus point if you use own car/motorcycle are you will not spending a time to buy ticket and waiting a departure schedule of bus or train. During the trip on toll road you can also stop or get a break at some rest station such as restaurant and gas station.

Using Travel Car or Shuttle Car

Travel using travel car from Jakarta to Bandung

This option can be used if you don’t have own vehicle or don’t like to use other transport.

By travel you just need come to travel agent or waiting a picked up. In car you can get a rest even sleep during a trip and the car will take you to your destination.

As well as with a shuttle car. You can buy a ticket at many counter in Jakarta or buy it by online. There are some popular shuttle car such as X-Trans, Citi Trans and Day Trans. The price range of ticket usually start from IDR 100.000 according to class or facility of shuttle car.

Take a Public Transportation ( Bus )

Travel using public bus from Jakarta to Bandung

The route of bus to travel from Jakarta to Bandung are ready at all of terminal in Jakarta. From Jakarta your bus will stop at Leuwi Panjang as the main bus station that serve the route to other city on east side of Bandung.

There are of Bus Station in Jakarta that have a route to Bandung :

  1. Start from Pulogadung Jakarta Station
    The bus name is Patriot and will go to Bandung every 1 hours from 5am – 7pm. Ticket prices : IDR 60.0000 by an economic class (non AC) or IDR 65.000 with a business class (for this class the bus will go from 5am – 8pm)
  2. Start from Kampung Rambutan
    Harum Prima Bus will go to Bandung every 30 – 60 minutes depends of passengers start from 4am – 9pm. Ticket prices : IDR 65.000 by an economic class (non AC)
  3. Start from Lebak Bulus
    Primajasa bus will go to Bandung every 1 hours and start from 5am – 9pm. Ticket prices : IDR 70.000 by business class (AC) and IDR 75.000 by executive class (AC).
  4. Start from Kali Deres
    Start from 5am – 9pm the Primajasa bus will go to Bandung from this station every 1 hours. Ticket prices : IDR 80.000 by executive class.

Arimbi bus will go every 1 hours start from 5am – 8pm with a ticket prices about IDR 80.000 by executive class.

Not only from bus station, you can also take a Primajasa Bus from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. The bus available at Terminal 1b, Terminal 2F, and Terminal 3 with a departure schedule every 30 minutes until midnight. The ticket price is about IDR 115.000 and you can buy at counter there or get an online ticket.

Try to use train transportation

Travel using train from Jakarta to Bandung

You will not disappointed if you try this transportation. By train you will free from traffic jam and during your trip you also can see a natural view from the window.

For train you can go from Gambir Train Station or Pasar Senen Station. And there are 3 choices for type of train : Economic class, business class and executive class with the prices start from IDR 67.000 – IDR 140.000.

You can choose a type of train according to your need. But, we have suggest for you to leave from Gambir Station because this station have depart schedule more than other station. So, it will be good if you also stay in hotel near to Gambir station if you have plans to Bandung from Jakarta.

Go by Airplane

Travel using airplane from Jakarta to Bandung

This way will be very helpful for you who don’t have much time or for tourist who want go to Bandung while enjoying a city view from the sky.

Okey,, so how? Are you ready for going to Bandung? We hope this travel tips from Jakarta to Bandung can help you to determine which one the transportation will you choose.

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